twitter is exhausting

I don’t think I’m doing it right. I go to the site online or from my phone and it’s an endless stream of things I don’t want to read. If someone could invent glasses that won’t let me waste my precious time trying to figure out if something is a paid ad or not I would greatly appreciate it. Right now the thing just makes me crazy. It’s going to end up in my internet of ignore right alongside of facebook. What happened to being funny and talking crap.

It might be time to dust off my old idea of an all ball busting network called shitter. The name already dominates as well as the permutations. (no clue if that was the correct word by the way) I just sent shat at you, shit me when you get a chance, I’ve got to check my shitter feed. Endless toilet humor possibilities. The key to my networks success would be ads that run only on the sides not disguised in your shit stream. I wish I know more about this whole internet programming thing so I could make this happen…

Anyway this topic came up as I was trying to use the tweeter to get a question answered. A day later and I’m still no smarter. I think twitter is made for someone who is going to allow the thing to notify you every time something comes up or someone who checks it more than once a day. Neither of those people are me. Sometimes I feel like Gary Busey from those Amazon commercials because I just want to scream at the internet SHOW ME THE GOOD STUFF. I will be a terrible member of the matrix unless they figure out how to tame the nest of snakes in my head.

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