The twitter blurb yesterday had me thinking about my digital life and simplifying said same. I keep a lot of things in a lot of places and that practice has to change. Not only is it unorganized but it makes finding stuff extremely frustrating. So last night I started my consolidation.

First up was my Google Chrome bookmarks. By rough count I had just shy of a thousand. It turns out that I am a link hoarder from way back. A full third of the things I went through no longer existed but I had to click on them to find that out. I finally bailed on the exercise at 11:00 (which is my drop dead I don’t care if I lie in the dark with my eyes open bedtime so I can get up and work the next day) and will fire up again tonight once I get a few other things done.

In my defense I have been using chrome since it was first rolled out and once it started syncing everywhere I installed it my collection grew exponentially. I do have a handle on things now and there is light at the end of this tunnel but that shit got out of hand. I’m splitting most of the keeper information between three things. First, all text that I want to someday reference will get clipped to Evernote. I’ve been a long time user of that as well but its searchable and much easier to organize. I even paid for the pro upgrade which I rarely do with anything so that means I am a fan.

Next up I will store all visual things in Pinterest. What I initially thought to be a place where people shared crafting ideas turns out to be a great way to organize images and web pages. I am stealing this idea from a number of tip sites I read and I like it because it doesn’t clog up my already crowded Evernote. Plus I follow Evernote on Pinterest so they even use the thing.

And finally some of this stuff will stay in the browser. People I actively stalk, places I regularly read, work and home reference material, mostly useful things just boiled down to the essentials. My goal is to have almost everything cleaned up this weekend. I can do this because I’m signed up to work 2 shifts as security at the high school wrestling tournament tomorrow and Saturday. Should be plenty of time to stare at my phone and sift through junk web links.

I’m not sure if it’s this time of year or the fact that I really need to get in to my own office but I am cleaning things up in all aspects of life. I just took a look at my computer files and shuddered. One thing at a time…

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