morning assignment complete

A thirteen team wrestling tournament is some high quality people watching even if you know next to nothing about the sport. It was so good in fact that I started categorizing folks:

That Could Have Been Me! This individual is reliving something through his child but also holds a little resentment toward the kid and his success. They are screaming “tips” no matter the score or result of the match. A douche of the highest order.

What Are You Looking At? These people let the testosterone levels of four continuous fights get the better of them and start looking around like wild animals. This is also a byproduct of a wrestler once thought to be great getting beat by anyone. These were the most fun for me as I was assigned to security. No real problems but some hard looks that I haven’t seen since bar work in college.

Did My Child Go Yet? These idiots can’t be bothered. They spend more time reading or playing on their phones than paying attention to the event. I don’t begrudge this behavior as some of my children were swimmers and dancers over the years but they need to figure things out. Ask when your kid is up and then set an alarm or ask the person next to you to throw an elbow when your kid hits the mat.

Quiet Assassins. These guys can still do the work. Just by the way they move through the crowd you know that they are capable of taking you down. Body shape and demeanor gives off a vibe that says they wouldn’t mind if some shit went down. Even the moronic What Are You Looking At dudes don’t give these guys a second glance.

I only caught one cheap asshole trying to sneak in my door without paying and I sent him back to take care of it or go home. If you can’t cover the $5 to watch your child some reflective time alone in your car might do some good. Other than a couple calls to the janitorial staff to take care of blood in the drinking fountains and bathrooms everything went smoothly. This sport is not for the weak.

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