I was going to start out with a question. Something like “Do you ever feel like life is running you over?” but three seconds in and I already think myself an idiot. Of course most people feel that way from time to time. It’s like saying “Do you ever feel a little anxious?” I want to type New Age Hippie bullshit but I’m not sure if New Age and Hippies are still a thing. I also think this might be an off track record as we are nowhere near my original thought in the first paragraph.

I’ve been feeling a little out of control lately and I don’t like it. Work is going great but I am so busy that I have time and energy for little else. I never thought I would even think those words let alone live them but this is my reality. I love what I do and that comes with a price. Unfortunately it is at the expense of my outside relationships.

I should clarify the outside part. I consider family an inside relationship. These are the people who are forced to deal with me on a constant basis. My wife and I are in a great place right now. The girls are both busier than they want to be with college and I’ll see them in a few days. The boy is still trying to figure out High School while the wrestling / homework combo continues to kick his ass. It’s not them that are on my mind. (Holy horseshit sentence Batman!)

I have an impressive set of friends. They all crack me up and they are my friends because I like hanging out with them. The thing that has me all knotted up right now is I have barely seen them in the last couple of months and while I get ready to secure my January travel arrangements its not going to get better. I just realized after typing all of this nonsense that I need to make a plan. There is no excuse other than pressure I’m putting on myself to do well at work.

Time to stop writing this nonsense and figure out when I’m going to see my friends this holiday season.

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