I did something today that I swore I would stop. It’s not terrible just annoying that I can’t stop myself. What happened was I engaged in a bit of an internet argument and if that weren’t bad enough it was about a thing. I’m struggling lately with my focus on possessions. I’ve talked about a desire to boil my life down to one bag and that’s probably not realistic. But I do dream about the peace that a simpler life could bring. I am obsessed with the tiny house movement and what people are doing to organize small spaces. So my dream life would more realistically be distilled down into a small recreational vehicle. (AirStream if you are thinking about getting me one)

Anyway, I’m off track but not way off track. One of the “things” that I truly love is my bag. It’s from and before you can click over and check for yourself I will tell you they are a bit spendy. I’ve had the tobacco front pocket briefcase for about a year and it was my 4th bag from them. I traded my way up to this point as there is a thriving aftermarket. I have never lost money always selling for what I paid or more. A lot of the collectors prize the patina that develops on the leather after use and I have to say I am a fan as well. What came to me as a stiff tan bag is now a softer deep brown and before I get any creepier I will tell you that I don’t ever see myself getting rid of this one. This is the ONE BAG that I spoke of earlier. For me, perfection.


As a fanatic about this stuff I am tuned in to a number of the buy sell communities built on the brand and today a little trouble bubbled up. The owner of the company is very religious and posted something about wishing people a merry Christmas. By the reaction you would have thought he was stamping crosses into the leather as it left the factory. So I couldn’t help but engage a particularly hostile individual. I’m not going to go into the details because she wrote that she left the conversation feeling bullied and I don’t want to pile on to her admitted defeat.

I had a lot of choice things to say but they all were centered around making someone else feel bad. She felt shitty because she didn’t share the owners beliefs so she was going to make them pay. I felt like my beloved pig wrapped in cow was under attack so I was going with scorched-earth-blitzkrieg style attack. In the end I probably was a bully and I’m not proud of that but we were essentially arguing over a company and that is asinine.

Holy crap people have a need to be right and have the things that they buy be the best. That’s where all of that cell phone brand loyalty comes from as if Apple or Google or Samsung cared about anything but our money. I’m hoping that if I write it it will become real. I will no longer engage in online arguments over stuff. Nope. Don’t feel any different. Confidence low that this will make a change.

I think something I can accomplish is to care less about the brands to which I am loyal. These companies really don’t give a rats ass what I think unless it impacts their bottom line somehow and that’s just the reality. We want everyone to agree with with us that our decision is the best and we even want them to feel a twinge of jealousy. Hence the d-bag author of this site posting a bag brag picture. yuck. People are strange and I myself am in the top one percent. My crazy ass is angry becasue the picture makes the bag look 3 shades lighter than it is… effing flash.

Time to put the cuckoo back in the clock for now. Everything you own is GREAT!

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