Merry Christmas

I am a very lucky man. This holiday has been awesome. Unlike the majority of my friends on BookFace I will not be blathering on about gifts or posting a tsunami of religion your way. I just want to wish anyone who reads this a very merry Christmas wherever you are. Nothing too sappy just good thoughts from me to you.

I had so much fun that I started a brand new plan. I am going to attempt to see everyone I care about in 2015. They are scattered all over the country and just thinking about the task almost makes me want to quit before I start. But the first step in doing this will be making up my mind and that’s already accomplished. My goal began with a list and the next step will be to look at my work travel schedule and see who I can visit while already close. Next up, crap, I don’t need to spell this out. I’ve got a goal and I just wrote it down so I’m trying to make it real.

I also have decided to lift my normal ban on New Years resolutions. To celebrate this big birthday I think I should work on a bit of the old self improvement. Self assessment has yielded one of my worst traits. I wont leave you to guess and I do stress that this is one of many but there can only be one if I have any hope of change. And the winner is Judgement.

I am a natural judge. No idea where this comes from *cough* but I don’t like it in myself. I have always had a talent in this area and I think it comes from the fact that I notice more than most. Little things, ticks and quirks jump to my gaze before anything else. Stuff that matters to some people like clothes and shoes and other obvious things mean nothing to me. I like and look for the odd and different in everything. This improvement will come in the scaling down of my pointing things out.

I should further clarify by saying unsolicited judgement out loud. Court will always be in session between my ears. Can’t help that.

You will note that I didn’t say I would stop all together. I’m not sure that I can. It’s like an unwanted superpower and it gets worse when I drink. In fact years before this a couple of my friends identified a character in me that they call Drunk Noticer Guy. He hasn’t been seen in a while but is always lurking just below my surface. I also will not be able to stop if someone draws first blood. Like a rubber hammer to the knee cap if you start busting balls I’m all in and I will probably start with whatever I’ve noticed will hurt the most.

Anyway, I have no right or authority to pass judgement on anything and its really annoying so I’m going to try and stop. OK thats enough introspection and future planning for one day. Back to the front; Merry Christmas!

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