be less ME

I had a ton of errands to run today and picking up the boy from practice was one of them. As he was swept up in my productivity tsunami he had to help with a bunch of my stuff. As reward I went with him to the ever awful Game Stop to upgrade one of his games to his new system. My youngest child is my peacemaker. He avoids trouble at all costs and it was with that in mind that I dialed my normal self down more than a little bit.

The deal they had was if you turn in the old generation game you get the new one at a greatly reduced price. He was spending his own money so I was needed for my violence allowing age identification. Never-mind that he can watch beheading videos or whatever crazy crap the cramped Japanese can invent all over the internet… If he wants to play a game that is considered violent with his also not 17 year old friends I had to be there.

So we do the deal and he gets the last one in the store. This meant that they couldn’t find the original case and when my child was asked if this was okay he said YES. As I quickly glanced over at him his face and eyes said “Dad, please don’t” so I stood down. But it absolutely killed me. Then the kid behind the register kept adding to my misery. He only had an odd colored case was that okay and then he had to print out the replacement cover was that okay. Instead of cutting the paper to fit he tore it along the edge of the counter. NONE OF THAT WAS OKAY but I just stood there like a giant uncomfortable statue.

At least when we got in the car I got a mumbled thanks. My child knew it was killing me to endure shite covered customer service and I got a little appreciation for my efforts. He had no idea but that tiny act of thanks prevented my internal plan to go straight home and launch a flaming pen campaign. It’s Saturday after all and the bulk of my chores are in the rear view mirror. Instead I will vent the remaining steam by writing about it here.

Going against your nature can be exhausting and when we got home I decided that falling down a half flight of stairs might be fun. I haven’t taken a shot like that in a long time I thought I broke my arm and my back is having a great time f*cking with me right now. I might have to duct tape myself into the shower stall so it fills up with back soothing hot water. The tub upstairs would require some acrobatics that are painful to think about. I am going to be sore later.

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