end break

Okay I am ready for this break to be over and done. Working from home with everyone here is a pisser and I am not a fan. More than one call today was peppered with my apologies as the dogs lost their combined shit at something or another. And since I hide in the boy’s room to work until my never starting office project is finished I get interrupted all the time. Luckily I hit the road for a long stretch beginning next week so there is an end in sight.

I also have a problem prepaying for college when they aren’t even back. Not sure what it is aside from the sphincter tightening checks but those first payments due right after Christmas burn more than a little bit. I chant myself to sleep with one more semester, one more semester, one more semester. Oddly I don’t wake up feeling any better. Oh well, this is what I signed up for so I’d better suck it up and mentally shut up about it.

And now from our stop-talking-to-me-about-my-phone department a quick word. As I walked in to my local Speedway this afternoon I secured my cup of ice cold carbonated chemicals and checked my phone while I waited in line. The dude standing beside me in line (and yes you read that right beside me because if her were properly lined up behind me as custom dictates he never could have seen my phone) asked “if that was the 6?” Nope, it’s a Galaxy Note 4, knowing full well he wondered if it was the big iPhone.

“Why would you buy that?” Because it’s the one I wanted you f*cking assh*le (I have no idea why I’m randomly typing swears with flowers in them lately) is what flashed through my brain but I am trying to be less abusive when out in public so I just answered that I liked it. The mutant behind the counter was having trouble filling the Chinese gentleman’s complicated lottery order so we had plenty of time to kill. After a brief silence “What do you like about it?”

Holy shite (fancy European swears don’t get a flower) this was going to be a test of my resolve… I answered that my favorite thing was the removable back and battery. This way I can swap them out in under thirty seconds and be back to 100% charged. Plug the dead one into the charger and I don’t care that it takes a couple hours. He just stared at me with a BUT ITS NOT AN IPHONE look on his face so I shut down the experiment in civility. His followup question went unanswered as if he wasn’t there.

I am constantly fascinated by folks and their thoughts on technology. Just not when I have to deal with them in a live no idea who you are situation. I’m going to start asking if I can take a picture of everyone from now on who wants to talk about my phone before I answer. That should creep most of them out and the ones who aren’t scared away I will post and tell stories about. Win win.

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