boring internet rant

Clickbait pisses me off. First and foremost because I fall for it. a lot. And not the thinly veiled porn links because the porno folks don’t even try to disguise their stuff. Pretty easy to figure out that you shouldn’t follow a link about an eight inch hog invading something. I’m talking more about stories that I really want to read and I wish someone would write not just lie about it. I wont bore you with my list but it is things that concern me at this stage in my life and other stuff I find interesting.

I also like to keep up with what the average person is plopping out in the interweb so I read a lot of weblogs through newsreaders as well. I fall for other bloggers bullshit. A catchy title that promises something really interesting usually leads to a big pile of boring. I used to chalk that up to amateur writers trying to drive traffic to their site but now the baiting has spread to mainstream media pages and its pissing me off.

I get my news exclusively from online sources because local and national news have a horrible system for picking what they choose to report. It has something to do with scaring and depressing their audience but adding in a splash of funny or cute to keep you coming back. So instead of watching the news at night before bed I read it throughout my day as a break. I have a bunch of places I go for the news I want to keep up on and again you don’t need to know my list to get the gist and I’m already beginning to bore myself with this topic.

The lords of the internet need to institute a universal BS button. The BS rating would show up next to the link and if a huge number of people hit the button you could decide whether you wanted to burn the time on clicking it. Right now the only thing I can do is leave my standard comment:

“Nice title but the story left me wanting. Next time, why not just write what you advertised? Ultimately I clicked the link and read your stuff so you win. But you should know you suck. Hard. Like a vacuum.”

One dude got upset and followed my link back to this site and reported it as inappropriate. I got some weird warning messages but ultimately I didn’t really care. Although that is probably a lie because I no longer use the email address that led to the trouble. Anyway I wrote this just after clicking my third straight trap while I delay packing for my trip. Not sure if I’m even going to hit publish on this one because it all seems like one giant whine.

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