As I sit in the frozen tundra of St. Paul Minnesota I can’t help but wonder why in the name of sanity anyone would want to live here. Then I get an excited text from my youngest letting me know that he doesn’t have school tomorrow because its “like 30 below with the windchill” at home. A quick check of this tiny computer in my hand tells me he’s off by twenty degrees or so but the point remains; school is shut down due to cold. Six days into my fiftieth year I wonder why I haven’t figured out how to live and work somewhere with a better climate.

I don’t need the desert. We’ve done that as a family and can check that off the list. Best house we will probably ever own but our kids would have grown up a bit dim had we stayed. Plus that part of the country is gearing up for some trouble getting fresh water and that doesn’t sound like fun. I think I would like something in-between climate wise with a side order of a reasonable state taxes and less political corruption. Cold weather and Illinois bashing aside this is miserable.

Something that’s not miserable (all hail the return of the segue king) is this beautiful local news program that’s about to start. I wrote earlier that I get all of my news from the internet but should have let you know that I am a huge fan of small market news. Minneapolis is a fairly big city but I get all the stuff that I love. Local accents, awesome outfits, bad sets and worse lighting. It all makes for some of the best TV on TV. If you live in a small market sit back and enjoy, its all gold.

If I remember I will try and take a picture of the big and tall weatherman in the early morning. He is my hero and he makes me feel good about every fashion choice I have ever made. I need to go as I am about to learn about frozen pipes screwing up you neighbors house as well. Nothing beats a house turning into a frozen waterfall.

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