This will be an attempt at explaining a few things. First up is the elusive Guys Weekend. A lot of our wives wonder why in the hell we would want to go for a weekend with just our guy friends and the next question out of their mouths is always What do you do? My answer for that is simple; whatever we want whenever we feel like doing it. In today’s world it is rare to find even one day at home that you can completely call your own. Things to do of all shapes, sizes, and colors are provided to make our days complete. This is by no means a complaint against those things or the people that come with them. These are the lives we signed up for and for the most part we love them. But…

I think the guys weekend is in our DNA. There was a time when the men went out as a group to provide for the rest of the tribe but all of that time wasn’t spent hunting. There is plenty of boring ass travel time to get to the good hunting grounds and that is where their getaway took place. While I’m talking about hunting, that and fishing, and golfing, and whatever else you want to name are all just variations on the same theme. A little time to interact with others like you.

You can tell your guy friends about problems in your life and they have no skin in the game so they make great sounding boards. Said another way; if you tell your spouse about something that’s bothering you like, say, your dissatisfaction with your current job, her mind immediately goes to how that could potentially impact her life. And her end of the conversation will head that way. Tell one of your friends that you’re not happy and a more common response is “Shitty, what’s going on?”

The dude who is bitching might just need to complain. If he did that at home it might come off as weakness. Show weakness to your guy friends and they will break it up by making fun of you. And that’s one of the other beautiful things. No ones stuff is off limits. Sometimes making fun of your worst stuff makes it no seem so bad. The more people give you shots about it the less it seems to matter. Some of the mean and funny stuff we say to each other is very therapeutic.

Eat what you want – when you want – without concern for others unless you want to show said same. Trips to the grocery store look like a pack of 15 year old boys found a wallet with $400 and a fake ID. Nap whenever you want with the exception of passing out in the midst of everyone else, then you have declared yourself fair game. Sleep late or get up. It’s all on you and I am not afraid to declare it delightful. Enough gushing about a tiny time out from regular life.

The next thing I want to explain is this nonsense. Over the weekend some of my real life friends thought that posts were aimed directly at them. It was said that I write at a specific audience and that couldn’t be further from the truth. I write this crap for me and me alone. If something is on my mind I plop it on the page. In the case of the targeting conversation they were talking about my New Years Day smoker rant. Yes my friends were involved but I wasn’t shooting at any of them specifically. I was really commenting on being massively hung over spending more than an hour sweeping, mopping, and freezing, cleaning up a mess that I had nothing to do with the morning after my birthday party.

Happy Birthday to ME *dry heave* followed by *uncontrollable shivering* wash, rinse, repeat. (that works in so many ways I’m proud of myself.) I was mad at the world that day and the incredible mess that my drunken smoking friends left for me was the cherry on my shite sundae. That’s it. nothing more. Those of you new to this might not understand but if I have a problem with someone I am neither shy nor subtle about expressing my displeasure. I wouldn’t deliver a passive aggressive anything here when a direct face to face confrontation is so much more satisfying.

That tag line somewhere on the original page I set up doesn’t lie. don’t take any of this too seriously…

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