one of those weeks… The pressure was bumped up a notch this week as I delivered something that I’ve been working on for 2 years. I went in a full day early to practice and set up the space. The night before when I got in to town I did a complete dry run on fast forward in my room like a mental patient. I was fully prepared to do the same every night during the week. Practice the full day before you deliver it sort of thing. So I had my room all set up for this insanity but I made one mistake.

I have written before about not letting maids in to my room when I travel. I am generally neat when by myself and I don’t like the thought of people poking through my stuff. The key to the success of this quirk is telling the front desk when you check in as well as permanently hang the do not disturb sign on the door. It’s the second step that I failed to complete in my haste to go practice. I partially blame the phone call I was on during my exit which further reinforces my stance that no one multitasks well. They just half-ass more things at the same time but speaking of time no time for that rant now.

I got back to my room feeling pretty good until I noticed that the bed was made and my perfect pile of dogeared notes was gone. When you work on something that long and in more than a dozen different cities and meetings your thoughts can be written down on just about anything. And to the uneducated eye it could have looked like a briefcase exploded on the desk and all that was left should be thrown out. My heart took the express elevator to my feet.

I went down to the lobby and asked about the chances of recovering anything from the garbage or recycling but I didn’t get back to the room until 8:00pm. I was told that I might have had a very messy shot until 6 but now, no way. I was out so late because I had forgotten to pack neck ties. Ironic as I hate the fashion invention originally designed to hide buttons and help prevent drafts in your clothing.

3 new ties and no notes. I do so love a nervous burp that is straight bile. tastes horrible but your teeth feel like you just got back from the dentist.

Anyway, it all worked out but my method was to recreate the notes each night from the book and materials for the class. No time for this nonsense. The class went well and I am pleased with the results. Some minor tweaks here and there but all in all a satisfying result.

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