I love mistakes

I am a screw up fan from way back. Maybe I just like wrong. There is no rational reason for this other than loving to laugh at personal expense or others. Name mispronunciations of people places and things are the best. This love is sometimes to blame for the YouTube rabbit holes I follow. All I need is one key flub and I am hooked. Hunting for more from the same person or one of the recommended others.

All of this travel has me killing a bunch of time. Either while traveling, before meetings, or at night bored in a hotel room, I have become a bit of a YouTube junkie. I can’t let this out at home as I am constantly on the boy for his own problem with the tube but I might need to seek help. My latest obsession is with the “unboxing video.” This works for me on so many levels. First, why in the hell does anyone want to watch someone else open a box? For me it’s the horribly awkward way that most of them get it done. Plastic they can’t break, showing off their knife collection to slit open a couple paper tabs, tearing cardboard because they cant figure out how to gently slide it open, its all gold.

I hope YouTube evolves to the point where you could save certain clips from videos as favorites. I watched a dude not understand how to open a particularly fancy brand box and while he was trying to be funny he cut his finger and broke the charging cord. And he still posted the thing… Probably because he promised his fans an unboxing and he destroyed the box. so good.

Don’t get me started on the whole promised the fans thing. The internet is an awesome ego infiltrator for those looking for said same. I know I am writing for ME and a handful of folks who have stumbled across me or those who were asking about my writing. I am an acquired taste and have no delusions of grandeur. I just like to write. Maybe filming your own video gives you a sense that you are talking to more people? I don’t know but I want them to keep doing it. I started this thing with thoughts on screwing up and I need to get back to that before I stop.

A woman I was watching was taking me through everything she had installed on her phone. (don’t ask, I told you I have issues) When she came to the Interned Movie Data Base IMDB she called it I-mob. Priceless, and it didn’t stop at just once. She went on an on about how handy Imob was for looking up movie casts and even finding showtimes in her area. I scanned through the comments looking to battle anyone who tried to correct her but luckily she is just starting out. She is now one of my huge pile of subscribed channels and I can’t wait for what will come next.

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