eyeeye captain

I should have mentioned earlier that I have an eye thing. We all have things and the eyeball is one of mine. It could stem from a fight I watched in High School where a kid was hit in the face by another wearing a ring. The scream of terror still haunts me as the punchee figured out that something was terribly wrong with his eyeball. Clear liquid was running down his face then the wash turned pink.

His friends hustled him out of the party to what I can only assume was the hospital but since this was not my crowd of friends I had no access to accurate followup information. No fancy internet or social media we were just left to whatever bullshit someone came up with that they heard from their cousins friend who knew a guy. I did check the local newspapers for the next couple of days and can distinctly remember being stunned that this wasn’t front page news. When you are in High School your, or at least MY, world scope was very narrow. I choose to believe that they saved his sight.

From then on I obsessed a bit about the frailty of the eyes. Something with such an important function should be made of sterner stuff. The strength and armor equivalent of a ripe grape should not be in charge of all incoming visual data. Anyway, contact in any way with my eyeball scares me.

Those of you who wear contact lenses are freaks. You can touch your own eyes almost at will and it’s just not right. I had someone today suggest that there was a topical something I could use to help my current situation and I stopped listening as my brain was already playing the thoughts. Nope.



***editors note: I had to replace the origional picture with this one as I deleted the other one in a cleaning frenzy on Google and it wiped it from all related services. Light straightening has a price.

But the current problem has spread which I am told is a normal part of the healing process. It doesn’t stop it from scaring the crap out of me every time I glance in a mirror. I wore sun glasses driving around today because I kept catching glimpses of my malady in the rear-view. Holy crap I am a baby. As to make myself feel better I had a picture taken whilst holding things open wide.

I think the yellow makes it extra attractive. Even my normally symmetrical hazel eyes are acting weird showing some wacky brown v at about 11:00. Crap, I need to stop now that the picture is there… I am no longer interested in typing.


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