Most of a thought

I’ve discovered yet another personal defect and that is an inability to fake like things. I can bullsh*t with the best but people with whom I have a relationship get my honest answer to most questions. And sadly it isn’t always taken as intended.

This came up as I was talking with someone today who was dreading a trip to his brother’s house. I was already confused because I love seeing my brother and family but I understand that families are all different. This guy’s complaint was about a meal that his sister in law always makes for him.

It includes dishes and even a beer that he doesn’t really care for. As we talked he realized that over the years he had claimed to enjoy all of these things. I told him that his brother’s wife was awesome and just trying to make him feel welcome. She is using the only data she has to work with and it’s no one’s fault but his own.

I’m not talking about being rude and I have plowed through plenty of questionable eats in my time but the truth doesn’t have to hurt. My admittedly mental patient rules regarding this subject are very simple; I will “like” almost anything but if asked about love, favorite, do I want it again, the real answer will come out.

And for the most part it’s my boring taste that is the problem. I like things simple chili and barbecue are as far from just plain meat as I go. Completely my problem not yours.

I don’t know where I was going with this and I’m tired of thumbtyping now.

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