Hey I’m Aliveish

This week can best be described as a pisser. I was traveling and the 2 days I put in were sixteen hours and sixteen and a half respectively. (crap 2 sentences in and I think I already screwed up. I have no real idea if respectively means one after the other in that order or something completely different. Oh well) Both nights left me in a mental mush to the point that I don’t really remember either time that I spoke with my wife. Then yesterday my travel decided to get wacky with four hours of airport work to get on a two hour flight. Cancellations, delays, and I almost had to make a stop to travel that distance… but everything worked out and I only lost an entire day.

So last night I wasn’t much better and then I somehow got bamboozled into going over to the neighborhood elementary school to watch the talent show. Now, my God Daughter was performing but that didn’t really take the sting out of heading to an event that I thought was clearly in my rear-view mirror. My bride committed me to the event and not even I can go back on a promised appearance like that. Plus the child in question has these huge eyes like a Margaret Keane painting. Disappointing those giant alien eyes is a soul crushing experience and one I was not up for this week. In fact she caught me in such a weakened state that I now find myself heading to a karate tournament tomorrow.

Anyway, my brain is still mush so I’m going to cut this short but I wanted to share something else really quickly. I was sitting in a conference room waiting for someone to be fired on my recommendation when I realized that I had been staring at a bottle of Diet Coke for almost 20 minutes. No one else in the room and the only reason I knew how much time had passed was the person doing the deed announced the time before she left me. I was so disturbed by this catatonic state that I took a picture of the bottle for some strange reason.

I really need to get some sleep to catch up.


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