feels like

I like to catch up with Conan now and again through his internet clips because he cracks me up. I am also a big fan of Nick Offerman so its no surprise that I watched this Nick Offerman’s Handcrafted Wooden Emojis clip on the You Tube.
This started out as a joke but quickly spiraled into a charity offering to benefit the Children’s Defense Fund. As you can see by the first picture I had the money to donate to a worthy cause and I got a wooden smiley poo for the effort.
It even came with this certificate of reluctant philanthropy that I didn’t expect. (didn’t really pay that much attention when ordering.) Still feel like crap today and now I have a wooden symbol to go along with that. I love that feeling when you forgot you ordered something and it just shows up. Like a little present to yourself out of the blue.

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