I’ve already published my confusion over the snapchat app. I got the original purpose which was to be able to send pictures of your private parts to others in supposed security. They had to touch the picture the entire time they wanted to view it before it disappeared for good. It has morphed into the preferred way for the kids to communicate. As soon as the parents invade something, Facebook, Twitter, the kids move on to the next cool thing. Anyway, I say all of this because I am always on the lookout for ways to annoy my offspring.

They all have very strict orders to pull the plug as soon as possible or plant me in a home somewhere if murder charges would result from the first directive. I annoy them to ensure that my wishes are carried out. Case in point… dadchat. I was bored a few days ago while waiting for a conference call to begin. If any of you out there use GoTo Meeting you know that the beep before a meeting starts can drive you insane if you don’t occupy your mind.

SO I took a stupid picture of myself and texted it to my three children announcing their membership in my new online service. The girls immediately got the spirit of the thing and dadchatted back but the boy is of an age where it just confuses him. I have no idea why but doing this cracks me up. I just sent all of them a picture of nothing and it made me laugh. The best part is when the girls come home I’m going to use this like its a real thing in front of their friends. “OK you guys have fun tonight and DadChat me if there is anything cool to see.”

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