Holy sh*tsticks its cold outside. I have been on a production induced lock-down this week and I happened to venture outside to get the garbage can and fire up my sportsvan just in case. Laziness caused me to leave it outside this week so I figured whilst I was taking the garbage to the back I could tuck Silver back into her stable. I am prone to random fits of laughter when I look at the vehicle because I’ve had a running joke with my youngest child for the last year.

Silver Honda Odysseys are somewhat popular so whenever I see another one with the boy in the car I whisper “we’re everywhere” very slowly. It’s creepy in a conspiracy theory kind of way and once I started doing it I just can’t stop. Luckily Odyssey owners aren’t as annoying as Jeep people. I drove a Jeep in College and every time you passed another one the people would wave. It drove me crazy. I’m supposed to say an enthusiastic hello because we both drive roughly the same car? Yuck. It just feels so forced and phony.

Come to think of it that is probably the reason I despise the “boat wave” when at the lake. There its not even make or model based. Just two idiots dumb enough to buy floating money vacuums enjoying two seconds of each others long distance company while driving guests around on the water. My friends that go up every year for guys weekend were going to get me a flag with a red circle slash around a waiving hand but now there is no point as I have sold the big pig pontoon.

This awesomely cold weather has me thinking about floating in the lake with a beer. I’m not sure if that’s good or just makes me hate right now more. I’ve got to get back to work and its 7:30pm.

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