I’m not exactly sure what can eat through the lid of the industrial plastic garbage cans we have but something wanted our delicious garbage badly. At first I thought the recent extreme weather had blown the lid backwards against the deck or even itself resulting in a hole. Upon further inspection there are some very methodical chew marks ant these things don’t usually create a hole much bigger than they need so this dude has some girth.
It was parked the other way and I know its hard to see but it obviously took a chomp of plastic then spit it out on the ground. I’m not sure if this is a super squirrel or some other beefed up varmint but I kind of admire its ingenuity. Too bad I’m going to start planning its demise. Right now I’m thinking some poison duct taped just below the hole with a tiny Free Food sign like a Tom and Jerry cartoon. Something that will taste awesome to the creature just before it liquefies its internal organs or whatever diabolical death science and the hardware store will sell me. The beauty is if I get something fast acting it will throw itself away.
If you are thinking about suggestion something humane save your energy. This thing that decided to go right through the lid of the can is too evolved for catch and release. I don’t need the Liam Neesson of rats swearing vengeance against me, stealing a car, finding its way back, then chewing through my internet and power lines. No thank you. First thing in the morning its off to the poison shop for this guy.


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