not all about me

Yesterday was Valentine’s and while a made up holiday holds no significance for this guy it is important to the woman that I give a card to so that makes it important to me. It is with that exact thinking that placed me at the United Center last night with ten thousand or so Fanilows.

For reasons I cant begin to explain my wife loves Barry Manilow and since this was his announced last tour I was online in December trying to get tickets close enough to see his reconstructive work but far enough away to avoid any potential body parts that might break off. I also wanted to be at least one level up from gen pop to avoid standing for the entire concert. This was a Christmas slash Valentines gift so I splurged a little more than normal but it was worth it. She had a great time and that is all that mattered.
My highlight came when the General Manager of the United Center introduced himself and we ended up talking for a bit. He even let her try on one of his Championship rings. These things are huge and covered in diamonds. I had no idea that the dude who runs the facility gets one but these were the real deal. He only wears one Blackhawks and one Bulls at a time. I would say to not show off but this is obviously his fame bait. The other awesome news was we were seated in the Blackhawks bench. So this afternoon when I watch the game I can clock exactly where I was last night. I spent more time analyzing the cuts and scars on the bench rail than anything else going on. All things considered it was a good night.


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