I think I’ve written here before about my obsession with the tiny house movement but I’m not sure so I’m going ahead with this thought anyway. There are a couple of channels on cable that are taking a deep dive into this subject and I watch anytime I stumble across it. There is something so calming about boiling your life down to just your essential things. Tiny house, shipping container house, mobile home, airstream, I love them all because you have to get rid of all but your essentials.

My bride doesn’t get it. That’s OK because we are slowly coming to a retirement understanding. She would like some kind of hobby farm to rescue dogs which would be my nightmare were it not for the thought of building a minimalist oasis on the opposite side of the property. It makes me happy just to think about it. Anyway that wasn’t the point. I’ve lost the girls, well the middle child at least. She, like her mother, loves her stuff. Eldest is trying to head back to Cameroon this summer so I think she has seen a side of minimal that might be too extreme for even me but it is in the framework at least.
I’m hoping that the boy begins to think hard on this subject. There is a YouTube video of a kid, wait, I don’t have to explain…
Anyway, I think he is in around 10K all in and that would be what I spend per year to house the girls at college. I have a little time to work this idea because there is no way we are taking 3 years to build something. The more this idea takes hold and people realize that they don’t NEED all that stuff and as things head in unknown directions there are worse things than leaving college towing a place that you own. I’m not a big fan of the design he chose. If I went tiny house I would do something like these people…
Except mine would be just for me. A writing retreat or just a place to let my inner hermit out for a while. While I am exposing this fanaticism I should share my other favorite http://hofarc.com/ What these guys do with old trailers makes me extremely happy. In fact I’m trying to work out a trip to California so I can stay in the autocamp. I know, I’ve got problems

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