boring organizer guy

Not quite sure what’s going on with me lately. I might be pregnant as I seem to be nesting. Or this cold spell could have given me the gentle nudge into crazy. My brain could be attempting to keep me busy so I stop chanting “WHY DO WE LIVE HERE?” Regardless the reason I am a cleaning and organizing machine. I should also mention that I get a rush from throwing things away. Again, no real time or inclination to analyze that behavior I just love getting rid of stuff.

So I am attacking all aspects of my life. The work computer and more specifically what is on it and how I work with said same is under attack. I have developed a new system and am well on my way to complete conversion. Without boring you to death with details I was keeping a ton of stuff in a lot of different places and now I am down to 3. Outlook because my company is tied to this terrible way of doing things, Evernote will now contain every note (get it?) in a searchable by content or title database, and the computer itself for the files I need every day.

My phone has been deep cleaned as well. Apps, pictures, music, even contacts have been drastically reduced and it feels great. Nobody needs six weather apps and games that haven’t been played in three months needed to go away. I am a sampler of new things but there is no need to be a collector. If I find something that works and that I love the rest can go away. The phone actually feels lighter and that’s a good thing because I just ordered it a present that will double its outer dimensions but that is a story for another time.

Even at night this week I found myself cleaning up the DVR. Who knew deleting digital junk could give me the same satisfying feeling? This weekend’s project is going to be the office and more specifically the file cabinet. In this modern age there is little reason to keep as much physical paper as I do. The goal, and mind you this is a stretch goal, not going to happen this weekend, is to become completely paperless. The first step in getting this done is getting rid of the stuff I’ve saved just because I didn’t want to put any thought into its actual use and or value.

I realize that this post is probably boring as plain toast to read but the subject makes me extremely happy. I didn’t write anything yesterday because I was neck deep in the throws of throwing things out and I just couldn’t stop. I’m writing now between meetings because there is no time to start another project and I can’t be distracted during the call. That’s weird, writing this as a way to prevent distraction…

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