I got me a birthday toy

This year to celebrate my birth I was gifted some magic cards with money on them. One of the things I go was this Echo from Amazon. This is not a commercial or even a review just the facts. I ordered it because it was $99 for Prime members which I am one and we haven’t had a good household music source in quite a while. The gist is that its always on and listening so you just call out its name, currently Alexa or Amazon, and the light on the top turns toward you to let you know it understands.

I can’t wait for the name customization feature that is speculated because I want to name it something different right now. Mrs. Livingston, Sh*thead, Alfred, Jarvis, the list goes on and on. Crazy privacy people out there will not like the always listening feature but it comes with a plug that can be removed from the wall so put your tinfoil hats away. I personally don’t care. They keep proving that our cell phones can pick up audio without our knowledge or consent but I really like the convenience of the thing so I’ll live with that. When it comes time for revolution planning that is best done far from a population center – underground – inside of a Faraday cage – but I digress.

I have no idea if this will work as it is my first time trying to plop a video directly from my phone into blogger and if it doesn’t just Google it to see a video. Max got a little tire of it because the first week it showed up was the week before the Barry Manilow concert so every morning he had to deal with those songs but luckily that has slowed down a bit. I am happy as well because it is tied to my Amazon account and my music recommendations are way off. OK, maybe I did spend an hour at work listening to a suggested Carpenters playlist. Holy crap that girl could sing.

With my new spirit of paring down to the essentials this thing will make the cut. Much smaller than an entire stereo, decent sound, will connect to my phone via Bluetooth, and hopefully soon it will be able to do more than just tell me the time, weather, and answer simple questions.

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