Digital abandonment is real, I should know, I practice it every day. I have some pretty specific rules relating to electronic communication. The first is if you ask me a question I will provide you with an answer. This might seem logical but I have a number of people in my life who send out statements of fact or things of interest that include no call to action and so I take none. Some of them consider this to be rude but I am just going for efficiency. I read it, have my own private reaction, and move on.

That being said I will jump in if were busting someones balls or if my reply will cause a reaction especially with my kids. I am not on permanent mute I am just numb to anything forwarded or clipped from somewhere else. I spend 2 hours a day trolling some very specific web sites that aggregate the world for me. This allows me to blow past what’s going on and popular at the moment. It’s 6:45 right now and I’m typing this because I know that more than half of the places I go will be filled with Oscar nonsense I care nothing about. The Oscars are unwatchable for me. It boils down to the speeches, I can’t take em.

Anyway, back to communicating with this particular mental patient; This is also why I rarely comment on anything posted anywhere. I read early in the morning or late in the evening so I miss the time when most people post “fresh” stuff. I will never type lol unless something actually made me laugh out loud and if you ever send me rofl you should know that I am flipping you off. Literally giving the finger to whatever screen I am reading. The last time I got one of those I sent back a text that said “prove it.” Then when there was no response I suggested they find someone close to take a video of their seizure. Again, no response.

Maybe I have too much electronic traffic to sort throughout my day? Right now I’m getting a little antsy about opening my Outlook because my phone already let me know the raw number of emails that await my gaze. There will be spam and nonsense but some will come with action items and I am six months in to a successful run of Inbox Zero (no time to explain, look it up if curious) so I want to get started. Plus I am on the big stage next week and that anxiety is creeping in…

Focus Grasshopper… digital ignore. I also know how it is from a posting point of view. I went through it hard ten years ago when I started writing this crap. (those who are new I apologize but stupidtom in its original form was taken down and archived for a number of reasons too numerous and boring to go into now. Just know it was a long bumpy run)  I would post something and then obsessively check the page view counter. Then some genius invented comments and my world revolved around those.

It took me about a year to realize that everyone wasn’t sitting at their computers (no smartphones or tablets back then) waiting for my words to come on the screen. In fact most people only remembered to stop by once a week or so. I watch my wife go through it with things she posts on Facebook. She’s watches who likes and is on the lookout for comments in the same way I used to obsess over blog posts. That is yet another reason that I am almost done with that service. People sharing shite that has been posted a thousand times before and wondering why no one hit the upward thumb.

Holy crap I just realized how long this one is and my email is tapping me on the shoulder so I need to go. Plus I wandered down the road so long I forgot my original point.

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