10 nine 8 seven

Sometimes this web log stands in for me counting in my head so I don’t explode. I have increased my personal delay system over the years to prevent my internal smart-ass from getting me in trouble at work. This began years ago when I worked for a huge company and a “funny” email could easily get you fired. In my current job fits of sarcastic rage are few and far between but when that need boils up inside I can tell when its going to be too much. This morning for instance an individual wanted to argue. But not a normal argument that I could just shrug off… this person went right at one of my personal pet peeves “The Louder I Lie The More Believable I Become.”

An appointment was missed. I did everything I could to make sure it was not. Even calling five minutes into the appointed time frame to see if we were still on. Then at the ten minute mark I sent my customary email inquiring about a possible reschedule. My calendar is on some tight time tolerances which means that people can’t call me 25 minutes into a half hour appointment and expect to get anything done. I should also let you know that this happens all the time. The world gets in the way of plans and I am never upset by these situations. In fact I sometimes welcome the unscheduled break.

I tell you all that to frame the trouble. An email arrived accusing me of dropping the ball and as I am far from perfect I took no immediate offense. That is until I noticed that the accuser copied the world in their message. This pisses me off for a bunch of reasons not the least of which is it smells like a blame shift and I really don’t like those. If I screwed up I will be the first to let you know and apologize. I might even throw in what I’m going to do to make sure it doesn’t happen again. People who use email to dodge blame are weak but I can’t come right out and say that.

So I too copied the world with my reply showing the original appointment and all of my follow-up work. Minutes after the message my phone rang… The details aren’t important but you need to know the voice on the other end was raised and got progressively louder. I have a trick I use that when things get loud I get quiet and it makes me happy on so many levels. Anyway it came out that there might have been some lying about things and I was probably mistaken about the details.

The more I stayed calm and stuck to the facts the louder the other end. I also love when someone is yelling at me to ask if they could repeat what they just said. It’s really hard to maintain original intensity and the second time you do it they usually lose their sh*t. it ended with a flurry of poorly formed swear parings and a dial tone.

I’m laughing but I am also steaming. I want to write an email detailing all of the reasons that I think this idiot should be let go. Instead I write this to no one in particular.  I am going to wait this one out. Right now stories are being told and I’m sure the offender has shifted into job preservation mode. I don’t know the whole story but I would bet there is more going on than I can imagine. This reaction is extreme for a single missed appointment. I am guessing that some poor performance blame is being pointed my way because my spider-sense is tingling. Time to line up my ducks. Pull all of our conversations and see what the day is going to reveal.

now-calm-stupidtom out.

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