A child that I have known since birth asked me if I could help him with a college management assignment. He gave me a list of questions to answer and I have to say that I really enjoyed the exercise. This assignment turned out to be a bit dangerous however because it has me reevaluating what I currently do for a living. (just so you know if there was any chance at all that my wife would read this thing I would not be writing this particular post) Don’t take this the wrong way, I love what I do. But as I answered the questions I also realized how much I enjoy the management and mentoring process. This is nothing that has lit a fire under me but the spark is definitely there and I eat enough grease to… sorry, getting lost in analogyiarrhea.

I like running things. I’m sure there are a number of psychological reasons but the thing I enjoy the most is solving problems with a group. I’ve always had a knack for viewing stuff from different perspectives and cutting through nonsense. When you are young that gets you in a lot of trouble if you’re not “careful” and sadly that word didn’t really describe my youth. Smartass got used a lot in my presence but I never took it as a shot. To me ass just meant that I had some strong opinions and wasn’t afraid to argue them. And smart, well that just feels good any way you slice it. When you are leading a team or project that same behavior is considered challenging and I used it to teach my people to stop trying to make things perfect from their individual point of view.

Anyway, I am droning on about this only because its been on my mind since completing the questions. For the last two nights I’ve gone to sleep thinking about what the next chapter in my life will contain. This could also have something to do with changes my bride is currently going through. Her story is not mine to tell but I can say that a forced job change is eminent. And we have been talking about how much it costs to just exist in this broken state. The current plan has us finding something small to rent here and moving to the lake full time once that feels right. No one knows what the future holds but that is a possibility that I really like.

The eldest child is about to graduate from college and all of the thinking about her life and what lies ahead is also a factor. Money in general is a constant pressure point but that should ease up after I travel like a mental patient this spring and getting back to just one in school. I do need to figure out how to move my office however. Sharing with the boy is becoming increasingly difficult for reasons that are mostly my own but that is a story for another time.

Back to the management thing; I might be able to scratch that itch if I start a side project or some volunteering. I’ve got a couple ideas percolating and as I said a very busy spring travel schedule which means alone time in a hotel room… so you never know what the snakes in my head will think of next. I do know that whenever I get feelings like this something is about to change.

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