I have already stated that this week is going to be a pisser so I refuse to bleat on about it. Yesterday got away from me completely. I swore I was just killing time and the next thing I knew it was late at night. I blame the spring break college kids who needed me to get up at 4:00am for a ride to the airport. That was a big pile of fun followed by an inability to go back to sleep. So what does this guy do when confronted with such a problem? Catch up on everything in sight.

First I read all magazines in que starting with the actual printed ones moving on to the electronic subscriptions. Once that was done and the eyes ached a bit it was time for the DVR. That took most of the day and I diluted all that television with internet. I have a constant backlog of things to look at on the world wide waste of time. I throw most of it into an Evernote folder named Bored. This can be anything that I think might take me down a trail, and, at the moment of discovery, I don’t have the time to burn. (Captain Comma just chopped the mess out of that last sentence.) MAN my brain works in some strange ways.

Take this video for instance…

I am a fan of Japan. This could be part of my fascination with tiny living. Over there they don’t have a choice and I have a sneaking suspicion that once my life got pared down to bare essentials I could make that guy look like a dullard. He probably explains the Coke Zero choice somewhere in all of that nonsense he is speaking but even his taping method was poorly though out. My version would have me lying on a bed of mentos with a drum of pop getting dumped on me all at once in a chemical levitation propulsion type of experiment. And that’s just off the top of my head with all of these possession and life pressures still bearing down on me…

I also had time to get in on a couple of flame wars. I thought about taking screen shots but I don’t want to give away all of my real and secret identities in one place. I realize that anyone smart enough can find anything out but I like to pose a little challenge, play hard to get… Anyway, this is the week of the largest cell phone show on the planet MWC or Mobile World Congress where everyone but Apple shows their stuff. I tell you this not only because it is on my bucket list to attend but this week everyone wants to brag and argue about stuff they buy and are going to get.

I really get a kick out of stirring up sh*t. Yesterday I spent a full half hour telling a dude with an htc tattoo (yup, you read that right, smartphone brand on his dumbbody) that I worked for the company and we were in a lot of trouble. I told him that we overspent on celebrity commercials and things were not looking good. He was understandably upset. I even ended the communication with a fake warning from my “corporate security department.” Yes, I can be quite the a-hole when I wanna.

This wasn’t a random attack by the way. He had spent way too much time going after some Apple and Samsung people and frankly once it annoyed me I jumped in. I might not understand why people feel the need to declare their stuff the best but I do so enjoy arguing with them about it. My latest trick involves confusing the technology in a post. Mention something Android and then mix in a feature exclusively Apple as if they were part of the same system and wait. people. go. crazy.

That even bores the crud out of me after a while once the realization and sadness of a life dedicated to a brand kicks in so I went back to cleaning out my web trash pile. Spend enough time on the internet and you begin to understand why we might be about due for a meteor strike do-over button on the entire human race. We can be a troublesome bunch.

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