I know its been a while and you might have been better off if my Uber driver had hit something. I am working this week in Florida and I think I failed to mention that my wife and the boy joined me for a break from the weather. When I travel I am one routine lovin mental patient. These two are disrupting my normal travel rhythm.

Then add in the fact that I was given the coveted after lunch speaking slot and I also followed an incredible professional motivational speaker and you have a recipe for one twisted in a knot of anxiety stupidtom. It didn’t help that I was so amped up I couldn’t sleep. My talk went well but now I am exhausted. Luckily those two headed out again tonight to see the mouse so I have a couple seconds to myself.

I was trying to go to sleep but my feel are throbbing so badly that I think they might be expanding and contracting cartoon style under the covers. So I thumb type this to you in an effort to ride this out and take my mind off of the pain. My phone says I walked over 5 miles in my dress shoes today. Holy shitsticks tomorrow all day on my feet again is going to be a challenge. I havent been to tired to write in a long time but this week my ass has officially been kicked.

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