Winding down

It’s easier for yours truly to calm down and relax without the pressure of the main stage. My presentation in the rear view mirror is a feeling of relief that’s hard to replicate.
I didn’t even mind that my roommates have sh*t scattered all over my normal travel bachelor oasis. I even had time to lay out all of my stuff so getting dressed in the dark wasn’t such an asspain.
My Diet Coke supply is running dangerously low in a Pepsi locked down facility and that doesn’t even bother me.
A side note, the first day here after an exhaustive search one of my work friends went off site and scored me a six pack of bottles. I gave one away to another brand fan coworker and while I was on the elevator heading for my mini fridge a woman offered me $20 for a single bottle.
I didn’t need her money I wanted my pop but a fellow addict in trouble required my help so I gave her one. Down to 4 before they even got cold. My nerves helped me tear through the supply in record time but I had reinforcements show up yhe next day and they could tell it was a requirement.
I even had a little time to walk around the giant terrarium that is this resort. Live gators, snapping turtles and Koi as well as all live plants and waterfalls makes this feel like a biodome. Might have to put this on my potential post apocalyptic fortress list.
I have no idea if the pictures worked but if they did it’s the view from the balcony. I’m a big fan of the roof leak redirecting tarps as art.

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