post 103

I missed the whole 100th post thing. The first time I did it the milestone was huge. Those were the days before formal web logging software and you had to type your stuff out and post it as a web page but I also counted every time I linked to a cool site I found because it was a pain in the ass and I was an early, real early, internet addict. I had to compose them in a word-processor then cut and paste on the line. The sad thing though, even with all of those steps, I never really took any more time or did any proofreading much like today.

Then the automated services showed up. I started over again on a thing called Radio Userland (I don’t name ’em I just use ’em) I don’t really understand why almost 14 year old nonsense still haunts the internet but its interesting. Too bad all of the links and pictures have been stripped out. I was still drawing some stuff for posting back then and my phone pictures sucked hard.

I’m not going to bore you with my posting and different service meanderings over the years. Let’s just leave it at I should be a lot better after all this practice. Anyhow, I was kind of off work today but ended up sitting here anyway so tomorrow isn’t so bad. Being gone and basically out of communication for a week is trouble. I am one of those mild to moderate OCD people who can’t stand large unread count notifications so I needed to dig into the intimidating pile of email. Once I cleared most of the detritus things calmed down quite a bit. Tomorrow will most likely get bumpy but I cut the stack by a considerable amount.

I was playing the Apple keynote in the background because even though we broke up a while ago I still like to keep tabs on whats doing. Those things are very entertaining if you are not a complete locked in fanboy or girl. The clapping must be exhausting. I have trouble mustering applause for a single thing that I love let alone a couple hundred times during a show where people are selling me things.

I swear I heard that there will be a version that starts at $10,000. I actually feel bad for those rich idiots. Douche of the year must be a real thing. There is a part of me that thinks the solid gold 10K version started out as a joke. Something like “I’d bet if we made one out of gold someone would pay ten grand for it.” And so they shall.

So if you’ve been here since this beginning thanks for staying around for more than a hundred of these things. Now get back to work.

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