I read a quote today

And it started me thinking which is always a dangerous thing. The quote goes “if travel were free you’d never see me again.” And in my case that would be partially true. I think I would have spent a good decade traveling historic sites all around the world. There’s something about standing on the same ground where sh*t went down.

That is precisely why I drug the family to Gettysburg. I’m going on and on about the battles and how the poor farmers who owned the fields couldn’t plant crops for years and everyone just stared at me like I was an alien. I’m talking about army encampments and blah blah blah. Crap, I’m beginning to bore myself.

Anyway, I’d visit the biggies, seven wonders, the famous museums, and my beloved battlefields but I think I would circle back at least once a year. Its weird once you head down that thought road because who knows if I’d have a family or what the hell would be going on with me.

Know it all nomad living in a diesel pusher RV  writing a grumpy travel column for anyone who will pay. Maybe picking up extra cash bar tending or working booths for hire at trade shows. Possibly the art thing could have reared its interesting head and never let the need for cash put it down? Who knows, the possibilities are endless.

I think the brain is his level of crazy right now as there are a lot of people who are in a state of flux all a round me. Folks who are pondering these very questions with the secret desire to make them come true. I’m lucky enough to be relatively happy and able to think about alternate life paths for fun.

I wish you could see my face right now. I’m pretending to be pissed because the boy has let his schoolwork slip. He asked what I was thumb typing and I told him it was apology letters to his teachers. I need to get back to a mindless game. Easier to maintain resting bitch face.

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