If you treat me poorly expect the same in return

I work with Customer Service Professionals every day. So when I encounter a customer servant who is just passing time holding down a job before the next phase of real life begins it already puts me on tilt. I never understood half-assing a job because you think you are above the work. If you truly are “better” than the work you are doing why aren’t you doing something else? Great people figure out how to get awesome at whatever work they are currently being paid to do. Simple really if you think about it but we have this entitlement thing going on in our country WAIT… climbing down from soapbox now…

I had to call a utility company in another state about a bill problem we were having. Their system had us owing a huge amount of money that we did not. I was sitting with a years worth of bills and a bank statement showing cashed checks to the company so I was fully prepared for a brief problem correction call. I was actually in a great mood because I knew we were not at fault.

*Side note: When we were living in our first home my wife and I had a spot in the kitchen where all of the bills were stored after opening. One of us would pay the bills in the bin about once a week. Bills got paid, simple system, all was well. That is until we got a $6,000.00 plus bill from ComEd. I almost shat myself and went about the business of proving we paid but it turned out that in fact we had not. Our system made it very easy to think the other had written the check for the lights and they were on and running that entire time so no reason to question things.

Once I had them on the phone they adopted and eff-you-pay-me stance while I countered with questioning how long someone can go without payment before things get shut down. It took almost two weeks, a number of supervisors, and threats to go to the local media with a story about how the big bad corporation made a mistake and was trying to extort a young married couple with two young children and another on the way. We ended up paying just shy of $400 and from then on the bills showed up like clockwork.

**Side note to the side note: Had I known we were getting free juice every single thing in our home would have been electric and there would have been an octopus of extension cords running all over the neighborhood. I am not above sticking it to the man as long as the man is not me.

My representative decided that he was going to deal with me as he did with every other behind in their bills deadbeat he talked to every day. This decision came before he picked up the phone becasue when I started to explain what was going on he cut me off and asked how I was going to take care of the bill. I wont bore you with the exchange but it ended with me asking for his supervisor just after he told me his operator ID. I asked him to let the person know that the conversation was being recorded on my end as well. (Their hold message mentioned training purposes) He tried to get cranky about me not telling him that but I reminded him about the policy so all of his conversations were on the record.

Once I had the supervisor on things went well. She did get ten minutes on all of the reasons that she needed to get rid of the employee I was just talking with and a couple of tips on how she might train the rest of the room. I think I started with a point but I wore myself down to a dullard.

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