olde timey thoughts

Last night on the eve of my youngest’s 15th birthday he was asking some questions about me at this age. I didn’t answer very well because we got distracted by something else but I went to sleep thinking about it. I had my core group of friends and that got me thinking about the boys current crew. I love the kids he hands out with. The right mix of sports and dork for your freshman year of high school. There is no predicting what will come but I like the start.

Maybe he listens just a little bit. I am a huge fan of John Kuebler’s quote “Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.” because I think there is a lot of truth in those words. I do a lot of variation on a theme work with my child like “If you hang around with idiots don’t be surprised when people think you’re on too.” Anyway, you are not one of my children and have no real need for my course correcting attempts…

For me this time was a whirlwind of discomfort. Freshman year sucked. Trying to figure out my place in a new world, my body betraying me by pumping hormones through my system at an alarming rate, voice cracking, bone stretching growth spurts, acne, pretty much the standard order. The evil genus who thought up High School and timed it with the hot mess of puberty should be repeatedly nut punched in purgatory.

Coming up on summer this was the one where everything really changed. Rather than a standing swimming pool meeting every day followed by night basketball, kick the can, or general hanging out there were sports camps and work and thoughts of driving not to mention the opposite sex. I was a steaming pile but no need to scare the boy just yet. First he needs to successfully complete his Freshman year.

I need to go now as my mind is racing about things like running toward a ringing phone that hung on the wall and finding out where all of your friends were by the pile of bikes in a front yard.

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