Lack of sleep deep thoughts

I think our brains might be a designed kill switch and this came to me during some twilight sleep struggles last night. Okay to be more specific everyone and everything in the house conspired against me connecting more than 45 minutes of contiguous snooze but I am not going to complain about that now. Some payback is probably due as I have been known to snore like a hibernating bear but its almost like they all got together and agreed on last night. Anyhow, I was having the weirdest drifting in and out thoughts.

I came to the kill switch idea as I pondered why things taste the way they do. Water for instance, delicious when you are thirsty but nothing special. Same with vegetables, awesome when starving but nothing you’re ever going to gorge yourself on. This led me to wondering why the things that were good for us didn’t draw us in. You know, water that tastes like Hawaiian Punch or beer, kale that eats like a field of fresh fried potato chips, doughnut flavored broccoli, you get where I’m going.

Then it hit me that we are too smart for our own good. We figured out how to make good things taste effing incredible and we didn’t stop with food. Mild hallucinogens that you had to work your ass of to enjoy are concentrated and cross bred or refined into stuff that a lot of the population just can’t quit. Then I started down a whole plastic and fuel related line of thinking that bored my brain to into hitting the sleep reset button.

As I struggled to remember the concepts it hit me that whatever designed this massive complicated machine that we are a part of probably built in some safe guards and we are triggering them all over the place. Screwing up on multiple fronts is something that humans do pretty well and I think that might be by design. We tend as a species to take a “top of the food chain” and “if we can figure out how we should be able to do it” mentality if its smart or not. I was heading toward selfishness then steered down a dangerous road thinking about whats really wrong with religion is people… but passed out.

The only reason I remember most of this is I kept scribbling notes on my phone with that stupid built in stick they call a pen. Pretty entertaining and my half asleep in the dark on a screen handwriting is atrocious. I have no other real direction for this other that I was on a long stranger than normal trip last night and wanted to write about it.

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