using all the road

…and speaking of lack of sleep our middle child is still adjusting to college life 3/4 of the way through her freshman year. I went down and picked her up Friday night because she was way off her normal game. On the ride home a little parental research determined that she had slept around eleven hours in four days. She was telling me how art school was kicking her ass and I countered by explaining she was doing a great job all by herself. After a couple days at home over the weekend paying off most of her sleep debt I think she realizes the dangers of missing and importance of getting enough sleep. I do so love it when my children figure out new and interesting ways to scare me.

For some reason today I am eating like a pregnant homeless woman. (holy crap that was a terrible image and I regretted it the second I finished typing) Leftovers have forced me to create combinations that have me squirming with a belly full of live snakes. Is is ironic or just stupid that this comes on the heels of advising my child to take better care of herself? Probably stupid as I knew that pork was dangling near the edge of its eat by date. Oh well, the best cleaning usually follows a natural disaster. You can infer, imply, or take that in any direction you see fit.

In other news my recent financial anxiety caused me to check out my current earnings from the advertisements on this page. I am proud to report that I have currently earned a whopping $4.54 which means it should only take me a little over six years to reach the hundred dollar threshold where Google will write me a check. So I’ve got that going for me.

And finally one of the greatest times of the year is almost upon us so yours truly will be taking a day and a half off work to celebrate. No I am not talking about St. Patrick’s day as we are dead nuts in the midst of it. I am referring to the first games of March Madness. I have a couple unavoidable and unrescheduleable (I know, not a word, SHUT IT, the squiggly red line says so but you understood me) appointments but I will be waiting for my Uber driver by 12:30 and then its wheels up. Posting forecast for later in the week is spotty at best.

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