Wow. I took a wrong turn on the internet last night end ended up neck deep in over the road trucker vlogs. No matter what I tried I could not look away. If it was a network show the title would be something like Spiral Into Insanity or Dancing on the Edge of Nuts. I know how I got there… YouTube *click* Tiny house *click* off grid living *click* motor home living *click* Super C RV reviews *click* Volvo Super C *click* life on the road. At some point during that mess I *clicked* on one of the side links and couldn’t stop for more than an hour. Normally this is the spot where I would link to one of my favorites so you could watch the video here but no need to expose those hard working folks to my opinions on their chosen lifestyle.

Some of them talk to the camera as if it were a live studio audience and that is the purest form of the art. They say something that is supposed to be funny or draw a reaction then pause for said same. The best talk about themselves and their cameras as if they were a production crew. “We’re back” gets said a ton and one of them even had me thinking that someone else was on the ride with them. I took three videos to figure out that her partner wasn’t in the sleeper bunk and only because she started complaining about being alone on the road. And once I noticed I couldn’t unsee the ones who were experiencing and audience reaction where none existed. If they ever make a two way GoPro Camera they should test sales in truck stops.

Now that I’ve marked my trail I can go back whenever I feel like and I’m not sure how I will use this new found treasure. Maybe as a pick me up if I’m ever feeling like I can’t take it anymore… Or a reality check when I am wallowing in self pity and stop being thankful for what I have.. Like I said I’m not sure but it does have me reflecting on my ability to become a hermit. These folks are nothing but alone and you can tell it takes some of them to a place few humans go willingly. No judgement just genuine concern for the plight of our goods as they travel across the country and some of the batcrap crazy people who do that work.

And speaking of people speaking to a pretend audience… in related news… that Volvo truck based RV thing is bad ass.

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