hangover hungover

You read that title right, my hangover is hungover. I drank what seemed to be a gallon of water this morning and yet my urine is dangerously close to that Magic Sand toy we had as kids. I don’t want it to go away just yet as I am very close to finishing the mermaids castle. Man I’m glad I just have to be me not live with me. Okay on the makes-sense meter that one is registering little to none, lets move on.

First, day drinking is for college kids and professionals. I have been out of the game too long to even qualify for the senior tour so Thursday was a challenge. And after my beloved Cyclones were knocked out in the first round I might have spiraled into an angry pace for just a bit. This caused a shift to vodka and red-bull that I am still paying for this morning. The games keep coming and afternoon turns to evening in a blur very similar to a Vegas trip.

Staggering out of a bar at what seemed like two in the morning (8:15pm) we were hunting for a night cap and some suppressive grease. We found it in a little hole in the wall downtown filled with regulars and drunks just like I likes it. Our waiter was so happy to see new and potentially tipping faces that he provided excellent service. Even buying our beer which would have been half of the tab. This earned him a 100% tip as we walked out.

I should also mention Trivia Night was going on. This was not run by a member of Mensa. The dude running it was probably voted the smartest in the bar or is the only one with a reliable internet connection and access to a printer for the answer sheets. Holy cow was that entertaining. We would have won running away because I think we only missed one question and the winning team missed four. They won a round of shots for their team and a t-shirt. One t-shirt for the four of them. Classic.

What to do when one feels this bad? Repeat the previous days poor choices of course. The drunk bus will be picking me up soon for a trip to a greasy spoon to lay a base for the day. Then its off to the races again. At least my heart will only be broken a couple hundred times as the various TVs show Iowa States defeat to a satellite school in a burst of clips on a constant loop. Back to burping fire and sitting on the curb waiting for my friends…

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