I got little to nothing

I’m sitting here because I feel like I should be writing. Most of my chores are complete, basketball is on in the background, I might have snuck a few beers while pretending to do yard work, and I just finished paying the bills. I cant shake the feeling of impending doom. Probably a general malaise due to the strain I placed on my system over the last two days but annoying none the less.

It’s like I am a character in a movie swimming on top of some deep water. The audience knows there is a monster heading my way. They can see it, they can hear the creepy music, I’m just getting some weird disturbances across my belly. No need to panic. I know some of whats headed my way here in the real world. My bride is headed back from cleaning the other house where a shop vac mishap more than doubled her normal time.

The boy has a bunch of friends across the street playing in some sort of basketball tournament that will probably be followed by a pile of stench landing at my house looking to get fed. And then there was talk of a video game tournament… I guess I’d rather have them in my sight because the day is quickly coming where I will need to go hunting if I want to see what’s going on.

I think I just need a nap but that feels like walking toward a known minefield. Just going to keep walking around trying to maintain the illusion of productivity until my wife returns from her terrible road trip. There is a nice symmetry in matching exhausted and this will also allow me to eventually pass out to the sounds of teenagers not shutting up.

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