You know that motivational nonsense that a ton of Guru’s drag around like they invented it… (wait, that really narrows things down Captain Precision. What in the hell are you talking about?) The one where they say “What would you do if you didn’t have to worry about money?” This first thing I’d do is track down the idiot that first uttered those words and punch them square in the face. I’m theoretically rich therefor my theoretical lawyers would get me out slugging an obviously rich obviously obvious a**hole. That is a horseshit question but I will answer.

I would probably do the exact same thing I’m doing right now. I love the company and love the work. It is my passion because I have made it so. And yet money, or the lack there of, still haunts me. Now this is a weird time of year. Taxes are an unwelcome nut punch and tuition bills threaten my sanity but more than that its just the cost of existing. I have begun to try and puzzle out how I can work out another income stream and for some reason that stresses me the eff out.

It could be my mind churning like a washing-machine trying to solve this problem but I am stuck. You are the unfortunate witnesses to my meltdown as this is the only therapy that I’m interested in at the moment. (I reserve the right to have a full blown breakdown at my discretion where therapy will ultimately be a condition of my release from custody. If I’m going to go crazy it wont be some mamby-pamby self committal… Full On Bat Crap Lock Me Up For Everyone’s Protection Style. but I digress…)

This will pass like a wave as soon as I come up with a modified fiscal plan. That and to finish watching my recorded Alaskan Bush People episodes. Ever need a little boost? This is highly recommended.  I will not ruin it for you in any way as it is best experienced ice cold but you will leave every episode with a ton of questions and wanting more. If you are my in person friend I am willing to talk like these folks at the drop of a hat. For those playing along at home the first word you need to master is bush.

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