sproing brake

Holy H.R. Puff N Stuff I am ready for this Spring Break to end. I keep forgetting that the boy is lurking about the house and he has no set pattern of any sort. So every single day this week I have taken a break from a call, exited the office area only to be startled by the presence of another large human body. No matter how many times it happens I never seem to learn. Add the fact that his grades have taken a turn for the worse and he is supposed to be working on some course correcting it makes for a wonderfully soothing environment.

The homework thing doesn’t really bother me and I am trying to not climb up his hind end about it as his mother is so far up there that she can work him like a ventriloquists dummy. (see what I did there with the dummy entendre…) I think he might be paying a little price for her current employment state of flux. The program where she works is being shut down. Not due to a lack of funding because it is located in a very affluent area but more attributable to the great job that she and her coworkers did. The program is too popular and is being folded into the school district.

Why not just stay with it you might be thinking… and the answer is lack of Masters Degree. This makes me crazy on a bunch of levels not the least of which is my core belief that the people who teach kindergarten should just be able to tolerate that environment day in and day out. ( what in the hell does day in day out mean? I should have just typed day after day. Now I have myself all jammed up ready to head down a rabbit hole.) So she found out that another ACT might be required for a return trip to college and some of that spillover anxiety splashes upon the boy now and again.

Near constant video games does not help his cause but the pickup outdoor basketball tournament that was scheduled for this week has been called due to SNOW. This thing is not cheering me up like it usually does. I need to head out into the world tonight and experience some other people. If nothing else I will drift by WalMart for a little slice of humanity.

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