blog on blog consider yourself warned

It’s been a weird week on the weblog front. Maybe because I started writing again or possibly my Bulgarian fan-base (sorry non daily readers. I was being haunted by a Bulgarian spam bot for reasons I still don’t understand and when I look at my stats they still lead all other countries by a factor of six. and now back to our regularly scheduled boredom) is trying to get me writing on other platforms no matter what the reason I have been getting emails either from or suggesting I write on other platforms.

WordPress is my longest online relationship but we broke up because she was spoiled and kept asking for more money just to hang out. If you have sent me a note (by the way as always the stupidtom mailbag is located at stupidtom at G male dot com. If you can’t figure out the email address from my clever bot deceiving description then you do not deserve to correspond with yours truly) asking me to join back up with WordPress or any other service I have read your request and I think about it all the time. Sadly spending money on this nonsense makes no sense to me and everything that WP charges for I get done for free on Blogger. Might not be as pretty but beggars choosers.

As for all of the other sites I HAVE to try… no I don’t. I look at them sure. But I always find something that annoys. Medium is by far the most recommended. It is pretty and simple and gives you a built in audience and promotion system. If I were a writer trying to get noticed for a paying gig I might be on that thing. But a basic part of it bugs the crap out of me… They can use my stuff any way they want once I put it on their site. The language is cloudy as all good legalese should be but that rubs me the wrong way.

I am under no delusion that the things I plop out are worth anything but cranking out content for a company drives me a little crazy-er. That is one of my basic troubles with Facebook. People who type on that thing are working for Book Face for free. Yes I know that I am doing the same thing EXCEPT those little ads on the side of this blog are going to make me a hundredaire someday.

This thing is already longer than I wanted to spend on bloggery. I just wanted to say that I am not ignoring your Tumblr, Medium, WordPress, Svbtle, and other requests. This particular pile of words will remain on this site until the Google Gods decide that they don’t like it any more. Blogger that is. And when that day comes I’ll shop for a new home.

As a reward for anyone who toughed that awful post out I was looking through the notes on my phone this morning and found a t-shirt slogan I wrote down. “Going to McDonald’s for a salad is like going to a hooker for a hug.” the other note next to it read “giant dude wearing this made me smile”

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