Yesterday evaporated

I looked up yesterday and it was way past my bedtime. This hasn’t happened to me in a long time. I attribute much of this to my complete lack of control over my day. It started with an earlier than normal Sunday rise and trip to the lake. My wife has done a great job renting the place even during the winter months which I don’t really understand as a vacation destination but it makes the place self sufficient. This means that I am free to worry about other leaks in our financial bucket and that is a good thing. I do like to go up every once in a while to check on the things that might escape her cleaning gaze.

Mechanical systems, exterior maintenance, the dead tree that threatens to crush the living room, the water softener salt levels, you get the idea. She is also brilliantly adding a 3rd bed to two of the rooms upstairs (why did typing a number then spelling one out feel so wrong. I probably broke some golden rule of grammar or something. oh well) by removing the nightstands and TVs. This is a negative only to my video gaming child but a bonus to my friends as comfortable sleeping has been increased by two soft surfaces.

I think I’ve written about this before but every year I host a group of friends at the lake for a weekend of floating, eating, and poker. Some of the appeal is sleeping. Sleeping with no agenda save your aging body clock, bladder, and blood alcohol levels. I will stop gushing about my beloved weekend with the fellas as I know it must bore nonparticipants. Some of the funniest things I can never write happen there and yesterday made me want it to be sooner rather than later.

And finally in other non related news… I’ve told you before about my smaller market news fetish and I spotted this last night on the YouTubes


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