technology love hate

Warning: This post is a red hot mess. I started writing it in an ultra-frustrated state due to my inability to solve a problem with my phone. I felt as if I were suffering from a mental stutter. I had so much on my mind but the thoughts would not or could not transfer to the page. So- effing- frustrating-. I type this now after walking away from the post for an hour. This one should have probably ended up in the bin but that goes against a basic rule of And for the record I still love my phone. This one is too cringe-worthy to reread so I’m just going to hit publish and walk away.

As the title suggests I have a love hate relationship with technology. I have always been a fan and really enjoy fiddling around with electronic toys. I watch shows about gadgets and most of my pleasure reading outside of books is centered on the subject. Most of the crap I read is done on the very devices I wish to learn more about. Tech sites, tech magazine sites, news aggregaters, (don’t think that’s a word, now I’m an aggrevater. also not a word.) you name it I probably glance at it at least once a week.

TV bores the crap out of me lately unless its those fascinating folks what live in the bush so I end up reading with the television as noise in the background. Probably two hours a night of reading watching and listening about technology in some form or another. I can’t get enough and there in lies the problem. I like to know what’s happening in the industry and with the things I own. Like my current Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I picked it up when my OnePlus One sh*t the bed and I couldn’t get any support. Unwilling and unable to take a week long business trip without a phone I grabbed an updated version of a past phone I liked. (if you even thought the word phablet, lie down, put your legs up in the air like a baby waiting to be changed, and punch yourself in the perineum. I’ll wait.)

It has been great. No regrets, Okay, few regrets, until now. I recently updated to the newest Android version and it is causing some wonky behavior. The GPS seems to constantly hunt for signal. That might be an exaggeration but where I really notice it is in the battery drain. Before the update I was getting almost two full days on a single charge with light use. Now the same usage only gives me a day and a half.  I know I’m whining but it is a step backwards and that’s what’s pissing’s me’s off’s. (no idea why I just ‘s-d everything, probably because the two words in a row, poor word choice avalanche)

So I head to the internets to try and solve the problem and sure enough I am not the only one. It is officially a thing. But a fix that works for everyone me included is not yet a thing. This is where the wheels come off my mental cart just a bit. I think these industries are in such an insane production and improvement cycle that they end up shoving stuff out the door “mostly done.” Then we, the consumers, end up finding all of the stuff they missed.

I blame this acceleration squarely on Apple and their desire to upgrade everyone and everything every six months. A genius business strategy as their size and profits prove out but the idiots like myself who pay big piles of shekels for the latest and greatest end up getting screwed. The Android community as it tries to keep up has a whole bunch of other stuff going against it. Not only are they trying to out Apple Apple but they are all fighting amongst themselves And Google is like some big goofy inbred monarch ringmaster trying to heard cats.

I should also note that most people don’t even notice the changes brought on by updates or if they do they don’t bother them to this degree. I just end up reading about the updates and the new features and the problems over and over as the different sites and news organizations put their own spins on them. The kill switch in my brain just went off as I realized this is quickly becoming some kind of manifesto. Ramblings like this are best saved for my full separation from human society and written in the comfort of my off grid tiny house. ALL STOP.

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