crappy april first

and so I sit on one of my least favorite days of the year, April Fools. I already admitted yesterday that I have a bit of an addiction to tech news along with a side order of disjointed mental capacity. And that is why today is so painful. Most tech writers, publications, and companies for that matter make a run at an April Fools joke.

Companies announce fake products, writers propose nonsense, (yes, we get it… people have fun with the April 1st thing.. have been for a while now… move along) and then the “news” reports on it all day… much like I’m doing now.

The obvious ones are harmless and I blow right past. The subtle ones based on real life, like, say, someone’s current frustration with their cell phone manufacturer and or provider (subtle as a brick and twice as smart) get me every time. I realize that I am complaining about being fooled so in essence I am bitching about my own lack of intelligence but that is not the point.

My normally efficient methods of reading the latest news are clogged with this detritus. Worse than that the forums that I read (no gutter minded non-technical real life friends I don’t think that’s still a thing) are filled with merry pranksters and they know how to flick me right in the nuts. I have followed no less than six solution threads reporting repairs to my various problems only to be april-fooled at the end.

This stopped being fun for me after my freshman year in college. Cling film stretched tight across the women’s toilets in the dorm. Standing in the very front of the breakfast line, pulling out a single spoon and holding it up for the line to see, declaring it the Mystery Spoon, putting it in my mouth then returning it to the tray to be shuffled all around. Finish with an April Fools and the groans of displeasure turn into swear words.

Upon further review that wasn’t even a proper joke just a dick move and that’s how I feel about some of the things I’m reading. Karma is a bitch and she rides a flaming horse. (I realize that made little sense but I’m having a tough day here so go with it) I will return you now to your regular internet programming. Watch out for the super funny among us playing jokes because a calendar told them to.

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