from the mailbag

I haven’t had an Ask Stupidtom in a long time and not one but two emails arrived at stupidtom HQ. The first comes from a person with the word snarf and some random numbers in their email address. I’m sure that internet handle has some deep and well thought-out meaning but it escapes me and I’m not going to post it here because most people who email just want to talk directly to the author. I am of the mind that if one person had a question there might be more people wondering the same thing so here we go. I will shorten the name to Snarf for identification purposes.

Snarf writes: Why didn’t you just get an iPhone six plus? Apple stuff just works.

Snarf you brainwashed iSheep. I’M KIDDING! I thought about that phone for a brief second but Apple and I are no longer on speaking terms. There are five iPhones currently on my AT&T bill along with an iPad and the college girls both have Mac Book Pros so I am very familiar with the company. And yes their stuff is great its just not for me. As I have mentioned before I am a tinkerer and my Android phone is constantly changing. This was something I just couldn’t do with my iPhone and once I went through the terrible process of ripping myself away from the iVerse… Lets just say I would have a hard time moving back.

I almost included a current screenshot of my phone but it gives away my top secret location and the home screen has a shortcut for each member of my immediate family that allows me to text them with one click. Changing things up, new icons new layouts, different widgets, OCD folder organization, is all fun for me. The customization choices are endless and keep me entertained when I get bored. So Apple and I are no longer a thing and when most of my friends text me I am a green bubble. (by the way if you have some time to kill search green bubble in twitter…) Okay on to the next question.

Someone I will call Xplod writes: Why did you go with Samsung? _____ is so much better!

I left his (assuming) brand of choice out because it is irrelevant. Just like the whole Apple thing I have no insane loyalty to an electronics company, or car company, or clothing brand, etc. In fact the only brand issue in my life can be directly attributed to a chemical dependency. The evil bastards at Diet Coke have altered my physiology to the point that all else fails to satisfy but that is a problem for another time.

I have done and will do a number of stupid things but tattooing a brand name anywhere on my body will not be one of them. I just don’t care. It cracks me up when people get so crazy about such things. One guy loves a car company and another would never buy one of those because they are all junk. Its a never ending cycle of my thing is better than your thing. So Xplod I get it. You want yours to be the best and so I shall decree it on this second day of April in the year of our Lord two thousand and fifteen. Your choice in electronic brand name is without peer. Congratulations.

Man I like answering mail. It’s a nice break from thinking. If you want to write me just use stupidtom followed by the lowercase a with a circle around it symbol @ gee male dot com. I made the mistake once of listing a real email address once in a post and spam got real.

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