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As long as I’m rounding out what feels like an undeclared Tech Week I had a couple more points to address. One of my problems with all of my technical reading is that once I know that something isn’t working quite right I can’t unsee it. Just like this update causing my GPS to search more than I noticed before. I’m still getting more than a day out of my battery and I still love my Galaxy Note 4 more than would be considered normal but I am a technological mental patient.

The same goes for updates and bug fixes. Once they announce that the update is available I WANT IT. Partially because I am just that way but also because every single thing that I read will mention it over and over and over again. The update for my phone has been around for almost 2 months but I had to sit impatiently and wait while AT&T and Samsung scuffed it up just a bit. (added their own crap to “enhance” my experience) This is one thing Apple does well as they are usually pushing an update out to EVERYONE once they announce it. Android is too fragmented to get that done efficiently… Woops, I need to stop myself now as I feel myself climbing on a big boring soapbox.

And while I’m talking about Apple I can’t say for sure that I won’t go back. Technology is a fickle mistress. In 2013 I had a brief writing stint on another platform where I wrote my break up letter with the company. I keep referring to it so I should probably put it here in case you want to read it:

It’s not you Apple it’s me…

Apple and I are officially breaking up and this was a long time coming. It started with the realization a couple of months ago that my beloved iPad was just a toy. I tried for a solid year to figure out how to get some real work done on the damn thing and it was beyond me. The major problems came from working in a largely Microsoft universe and needing to display and manipulate files from other people. No matter how popular the apple hand held devices are, their business machines are not the standard, and this leads to trouble.

Better minds than my own could probably figure out how to get it done but not without a bunch of workarounds. I had software that let me tunnel into my windows machine and run the things I needed to but that always felt like I should just carry that computer around. Plus, sending a file to a remote machine, downloading it to said same through an app and then opening and working with it is more painful than my description. It just felt like I was always trying too hard to make my slick Apple things work.

And I don’t care what anyone says you need a keyboard to type with any real speed. So I have an external keyboard and even a case with keys but once I attach those it again feels again like I should just have my laptop with me.

Presentations are another asspain. Not so if you just have to blow through slides but if there is any bounce out of the presentation to do something else it gets bumpy. So I’ve made the move. I got my first ever Android phone and I’m going to use it to magically turn two devices (my phone and tablet) into one. I have also begun work on getting something more travel friendly for business. We’ll see if that happens but right now I feeling pretty great about the Tupperware bin full of Apple accoutrement that I’ll be selling and or giving away. It really does feel like a breakup box.

The final irritant came with how hard it is to remove your device from the Appleverse. iMessage is a particular sticky wicket (I really hope that means pain in the ass) I wont bore you with the details because it took me 3 days and 7 support phone calls to get it “mostly” fixed. There are still some iPhone users who can’t text me and if Apple had a face I would love to punch it. This is being written on a Galaxy Note 3 and if you call it a phablet in my presence, brace yourself. I am a giant man and it looks like a regular phone in my hand and I don’t believe in smashing two perfectly good words together to make up something new. Stupid celebrities ruined that forever.

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