I feel the need, the need to read. I took a break from most of my electronic reading over the weekend and I am a better man for it. This was for no real reason other than I had a ton of real life reading to catch up on and I knew my social network feeds would be overflowing with Easter nonsense. Easter has turned into the spring show but it doesn’t give me any glimpse into anyone’s real life so it bores me. I like a nice candid shot where people are in comfortable clothes and it looks like normal human beings inhabit their house.

In fact I just game myself an idea: Slobs in sweats Christmas card. This one will have to be an all family minus one conspiracy but she looks good in the constant yoga outfit so ultimately there should be few complaints… he typed hopefully knowing full well that once mailed things could get bumpy.

Back to the reading. I plowed through most of my magazines and yes I still get the printed versions. Not the ones you buy from the store as those prices are for suckers. I have a dollar per issue strike price and haven’t exceeded that in years. If there is something that you enjoy reading call the subscription number and ask for their best deal. You won’t be disappointed.

And then I started toward the piled of backlogged books but only got a couple chapters in. I have turned in to an electronic reading snob. Or said another way, I am in need of ocular enhancement and its so much easier to increase the size of the text with a press of a button. I have gone away from reading in bed because it turns out that the internet is right about the blue light just before bed. I’ve stopped checking anything electronic at least an hour before sleep and I have never slept better.

So I’m considering getting a Kindle. Not backlit, so no evil light aimed at your eyes and I have a literal ton of books waiting for me to read. I also have some about to expire unused airline miles that are good for little in the way of travel. Because they make it so hard to book a reasonable trip with the things I now only buy hard goods. There is one that falls in the window of my expiring points that I think I’m going to order but I still have a couple days to decide. (nothing like waiting to the last minute of a five year time frame)

I said earlier that I have a lot of books waiting for me and that’s because I signed up for a year ago. If you haven’t done this and love to read electronically I highly recommend it. I only “buy” the free ones and I have to have close to 300 books waiting for me. I usually find at least one per day that looks interesting and if I don’t like it, in the end who cares? Didn’t cost me anything. You don’t even need a reader to buy the books. Just an Amazon account and a web browser. They have a cloud reader that works great in a pinch.

Holy crap, I should write about reading before I go to sleep as I have bored myself drowsy just now.

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