oh hell no

I started this post with the title because those three words perfectly describe this day. For some reason I had a FULL BLOWN MONDAY on a Tuesday. Call after call, interaction after interaction, 100% horseshit. It would have been funny were it not happening to me.

This brings us to my telephonic exchange with the good people at United Mileage Plus Customer Service. I mentioned the other day that I have some miles expiring and I want to spend them. The website was giving me some trouble getting the thing I want so I took them up on their option to talk to someone. The trying to be friendly robot on the the other end of the line informed me that the thing I was looking at on my screen is no longer available and sometimes the web site can take up to six weeks to update. Huh.

So let me get this straight, your rewards web site will show me a bunch of things that I can “buy” with my miles but when something is discontinued or out of stock the only way I can find out is to try and order it, have a problem, then contact you? Does something seem a bit off with this system to you?

No response led me to ask if he was still there. The snotty “yes sir” raised my anger level to EXPERT. WELL, DO YOU HAVE AN ANSWER TO MY QUESTION? “what was your question again sir?” oh hell no. He tried to sell me some scripted nonsense about their reward partners but I cut him off mid read. I need to speak to a supervisor please. “bu” supervisor please. “I” supervisor please. “why” I need a supervisor because I am dealing with a customer service representative who cant fulfill fifty percent of their basic job requirements. Yes I am talking about you. You are paid to listen and talk and you have failed the listening portion of this particular customer interaction. Supervisor please.

Everything about the call changed but it was too late. I was giving him and whoever would listen to the recording later tips as to how I could have been handled better between ultra polite requests for a supervisor please. supervisor please. supervisor please. When I was finally transferred I asked for the Supervisor’s I.D. not just the name given. I have played this game too long for you to transfer me to your buddy in the next cube. When I told her I had noted the details of the original call as well as everything she had given me for my complaint email things got serious.

I wont bore you with her asking why and me explaining that I wanted to make sure that if I wasn’t happy when we got off of the phone that someone way above her head would listen to the call blah blah blah. Or her telling me that shouldn’t be necessary and me declaring myself the judge. We went back and forth and I only had to pull her off script twice before she got frustrated.

I should be receiving my merchandise within 5 business days. What in the hell is up with everyone today? me included…

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