After last weeks bore fest I swore to myself that I wasn’t going to write about anything technological any time soon. Oh well. In my defense to no one but me… this isn’t technically a technical topic. This is more about my particular love of lists and the constant quest for the perfect system. And after that exciting build up who wouldn’t still be reading this on the edge of their seat waiting to find out what wonders lie ahead?

I can attribute (or blame, tomato / tomato, pronounce those differently for complete understanding) the whole list thing to my mother. There wasn’t a huge call for independent task based thinking when I was growing up as all of your daily requirements were concisely spelled out in convenient list form. These lists would either be hand delivered or placed where they could not be avoided. Bathroom mirror, refrigerator door handle, TV screen, etc. I disliked the system at the time one might even say resented it.

So strong my distaste that years after moving out I named my first Fantasy Football Team the ToDo Lists as a not-so-subtle statement that I rebelled against the entire concept. That lasted until I had to actually start accomplishing things. Then I was back to the productivity method that was drummed into my skull. My list making has evolved along with the invention of computers and then smartphones. I can tell you without exaggeration that I have tried most of the list making systems out in the world today. And none have completely captured me until now…

That would have been an awesome lead in to a product review but I need to give you a little more background. I have used Evernote since it first came out. I even paid for the premium subscription because I had so much stuff on it and I believed “the hype.” By hype I mean that it seems to be everywhere and everyone claims to use it. It was bundled with my phone and has hooks in everything. My first sniff test once someone tells me that they use it is to ask them how and when their answer sucks I realize that they don’t really get it either. Seriously, I have never met a real life person who can show me one cool way they use the thing. And there are entire businesses built around using it better… books, videos, online classes. Its an industry of nonsense. Before any of you Evernote Avengers get any ideas I really might be to stupid to use the software. But I am not alone.

Whatever the reason I am officially done. deactivated my account last night. All because I stumbled upon a stupidtom qualified system.

I am using a powerful tool with a weird name; WorkFlowy. (at this point most of the good names are already taken so folks need to get a little creative) It is easy and just works. I have described it as a giant outline of my life. I have 2 main categories Personal and Professional. Everything else falls under and branches out from there. And I have some strange things going on. I had a great time moving my stuff from Evernote and Google Keep over to the new system. I even uncovered a few gems with the exercise.

I’ve rambled on too long already but I will share one of the lists with you. My work friends and I like to people watch during our downtime on the road and we have come up with a number of observations or “Games” (if I were doing this many air quotes in real life I would expect to be punched) that we use while walking around. I’ll leave the details of the contest to your imagination but here is the list entitled Games in Play:

  • Dude no Dude
  • Couple or Friends
  • Daddy or Sugardaddy
  • Gay or European
  • Pro no Pro
  • Real or Fake
  • Crippled or Lazy
  • Homeless or Hipster
  • Incest or True Love
  • Drunk or Slow
  • Big Shot or Pretending 
  • Siblings or Lovers

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